Have you ever thought about using what you’re going through to discover something unique about you? Perhaps it’s your grit, tenacity, determination, or your exceptional gifts? Maybe even how to reclaim your joy?

This human journey is not supposed to be about guilt or shame; it’s about faith. And lots of it.

Kamille Bauer shows that God loves you through all the hard and the seemingly impossible and that you can do hard things with The Savior by your side!

Kamille Bauer is a vibrant happiness advocate and grief recovery expert. As a cancer widow and single mother of 3, her positive perspective on life through adversity has influenced tens of thousands around the world.

Kamille’s realistic and humorous view of life’s challenges is a bright example of light and hope! She has a talent of deeply connecting with her loyal audience through vulnerable honesty.

Her unique and engaging podcast captivates the attention and hearts of those listening.

In this gripping and inspirational podcast, you will see the ups and downs of life with terminal cancer with a young small family, the loss of love, widowhood, remarrying, being a mother to 3 children, and being betrayed by divorce. This show covers it all for a modern-day woman of faith struggling to feel the Love of the Lord through her trials and how she can obtain strength and faith in The Savior Jesus Christ even in the worst of circumstances.  Kamille inspires listeners to ‘Put on Their Big Girl Pants’ and press forward with faith! 

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Our hope is that through our hardships you will find greater joy in your life and the desire to see more fully the beauty of humanity and blessings and comfort our Savior brings to the comfortless…. Proudly – we are members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, and we know that we WILL see our Hero again and that families are forever! For more information on our religion you can check out www.churchofjesuschrist.org.

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