Episode 100: SPECIAL Guest- How to Help a Friend Going Through Hard Times

Put On Your Big Girl Pants
Put On Your Big Girl Pants
Episode 100: SPECIAL Guest- How to Help a Friend Going Through Hard Times

For those listening or watching that have a friend that’s going through really hard things this episode is for you!  Get ready for this crazy epic 100th episode SPECIAL!! My BFF – Jenny has been the sunflower in my weed patch for over 25 years! Being there for me to help me through unimaginably hard times. 

She’s a Goddess and is an expert in haircuts and color composition. Not only is she a cosmetologist, she’s an uncertified therapist.

Helping others feel validated and loved is one of her many gifts. She’s been adored by her highschool 6’7″ sweetheart of man and together they are lucky parents of two incredible boys and one amazing little 4 year old girl.

Wise beyond words and a master people person Jenny’s wake of influence knows no end.

From an outsider looking in at her life she looks like the perfect family but her life has had its share of challenges. Listen to this rare interview with one of God’s greatest.  

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