Episode 63: Grief – You’re Not a Freak

Put On Your Big Girl Pants
Put On Your Big Girl Pants
Episode 63: Grief - You're Not a Freak

So many people feel like they regress when their grief flares up. But in this week’s episode Kamille explains how grief is a normal emotion. Learn that even though you have experienced a death or major loss and think you are doing fine….all the sudden.. bam you can be riding the grief train. Some think this is regression. But it’s not! Kamille helps you see you are not alone! Need help moving through your grief? Check out Kamille’s website www.kamillebauer.com 

This is episode 63 of the Kamille Bauer Podcast. The audio podcast is available on Apple, Amazon Music, Google Podcasts, Stitcher, Spotify and other podcast sources.

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