Episode 64: Why God Doesn’t Rescue Us

Put On Your Big Girl Pants
Put On Your Big Girl Pants
Episode 64: Why God Doesn't Rescue Us

Do you remember the stories of the Bible and think to yourself “Why doesn’t God rescue me?” If you are experiencing your own ‘Goliath’s’ and wondering where the heck God is and why won’t He rescue you – this is your episode! Kamille Bauer battled alongside her cancer warrior for years before he passed away. One of the most common questions she gets asked is about her faith and belief in God even after Clint died. How can you have faith when the one you love and pray for dies? Kamille shares her wisdom on how to see God in the details, even when you are standing in front of a figurative ‘red sea’ Need help getting through your trials of faith? Check out Kamille’s website www.kamillebauer.com and get on Kamille’s schedule. God bless. 

This is episode 64 of the Kamille Bauer Podcast. The audio podcast is available on Apple, Amazon Music, Google Podcasts, Stitcher, Spotify and other podcast sources.

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