Episode 73: 3 Tips for Dating a Divorcee or Widowed Person

Put On Your Big Girl Pants
Put On Your Big Girl Pants
Episode 73: 3 Tips for Dating a Divorcee or Widowed Person

Is your partner widowed or divorced and you are wanting tips?This week’s episode discusses three ways you can build trust, not be intimidated, and show your support for their past while building a future! 

 Kamille has helped nearly one million viewers understand and navigate grief, loss, and disappointment and works weekly mentoring those who want to move forward after loss or disappointment. 

Mark your calendar! September 12-15. Kamille is holding The Relationship Revolution Challenge: it’s free, it’s live with Kamille, and it’s 4 days to take one relationship in your life from Blah to Bliss. 

That might sound like a tall order, but the journey of a thousand miles begins with one step. Those small, daily habits can change anything, including your connections with those you care about the most. 

This is for you if you are divorced or widowed OR if you are in a relationship with someone who was divorced or widowed and you want to build better. 

The quick rundown of the Challenge:

Day 1: 1 Step to a better relationship

Day 2: 1 Sign of a healthy relationship

Day 3: 1 relationship killer 

Day 4: 1 Myth about relationships that you should NOT believe if you are widowed or divorced

Join the challenge by clicking on the link below, filling out the form, and clicking confirm in your Welcome email. You’ll get all the Bonus material by email and join Kamille live on Facebook each day for your daily challenge assignment. 

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