Episode 75: The Partner Project Membership

Put On Your Big Girl Pants
Put On Your Big Girl Pants
Episode 75: The Partner Project Membership

The Partner Project Membership is launching in October!! 

What is The Partner Project?

It’s a monthly membership with Kamille for only $21 a month

Top 4 Problems that help people solve:

Are you your worst critic? Do you come through for everyone else but let yourself down? 

Do you believe your past makes you less desirable or unloveable?

Are you scared of trying again?

Are you fearful of the past repeating?

Does the thought of trusting someone new cause anxiety? 

Your needs aren’t being met in your current relationship

Kamille will methodically work through the challenges in an inviting and warm monthly membership.

You will learn how to love yourself and discover you are worthy of connection. 

You will develop the tools and courage you need to take ACTION and grow into someone you deserve to be proud of. 

You will grow in your ability to effectively let go of the past while honoring it and recognizing how you have grown from the hurt. 

If you have a current relationship you will learn how to be the best version of you for your partner! For $21 a month how can you go wrong?! Join The Partner Project and be the best you!  More details on the membership and how to signup on www.kamillebauer.com 

This is episode 75 of the Kamille Bauer Podcast. The audio podcast is available on Apple, Amazon Music, Google Podcasts, Stitcher, Spotify and other podcast sources.

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