Episode 79: Why Believe in God? 3 Scary Things About Unbelief

Have you wondered why you should believe in God? What difference does it make if you believe in God? This week Kamille shares 3 scary things about unbelief. And what you can do to strengthen your faith and belief in God. Want more amazing content and inspiration? You can sign up for her newsletter at www.kamillebauer.com This is episodeContinue reading “Episode 79: Why Believe in God? 3 Scary Things About Unbelief”

Episode 78: How to Have Faith – 3 Ways

Do you want to increase your faith? Have you been struggling with your faith and you need motivation? In this week’s episode Kamille shares three ways you can have faith and increase your peace.  This is episode 78 of the Kamille Bauer Podcast. The audio podcast is available on Apple, Amazon Music, Google Podcasts, Stitcher, Spotify andContinue reading “Episode 78: How to Have Faith – 3 Ways”

Episode 75: The Partner Project Membership

The Partner Project Membership is launching in October!!  What is The Partner Project? It’s a monthly membership with Kamille for only $21 a month Top 4 Problems that help people solve: Are you your worst critic? Do you come through for everyone else but let yourself down?  Do you believe your past makes you less desirableContinue reading “Episode 75: The Partner Project Membership”

Episode 74: Don’t Do This : One Relationship KILLER

Successful relationship grow when you don’t give love conditionally. This week Kamille talks about how to avoid ‘The Tally Mentality’ and shift your focus to giving instead of receiving. This is episode is apart of her new membership program ‘The Partner Project’ that launches in October. Bonus material is available to you for this episode!Continue reading “Episode 74: Don’t Do This : One Relationship KILLER”

Episode 73: 3 Tips for Dating a Divorcee or Widowed Person

Is your partner widowed or divorced and you are wanting tips?This week’s episode discusses three ways you can build trust, not be intimidated, and show your support for their past while building a future!   Kamille has helped nearly one million viewers understand and navigate grief, loss, and disappointment and works weekly mentoring those who want toContinue reading “Episode 73: 3 Tips for Dating a Divorcee or Widowed Person”